1850s · Dress · Finished!

Green-Plaid fan-front done!

Smiling because I'm so glad to have this dress done!

After a frantic week of last-minute sewing, I finally finished the green plaid fan-front! I wore it this past weekend at our first event of the year, “Sowing to Sewing” and received many lovely compliments from the fabulous people that I reenact with. I was a bit worried about the dress being out of date, but we managed to come up with a story about me cutting down a bigger dress from a larger auntie, and a lack of excess fabric left me with no choice but to have slim sleeves (thanks for that one, Auntie B!).

I’ve written a review of this pattern, which you can read here. I’ve also added the dress to the portfolio (it’s a bit empty now, but will hopefully fill up soon).

I’m taking a break from historic sewing for the week to catch up on some “real-life” things that need getting done, but after that, I’m moving on to my next project: updating my underpinnings!

Getting dressed this weekend made me realize that I have enough dresses, but the undergarments that I learned the basics on are starting to get worn out. So, a new corset, chemise, and drawers are in order for the month of May.

11 thoughts on “Green-Plaid fan-front done!

  1. Hi,

    I saw you blog while searching about the Laughing Moon Pattern, and I am almost done the same dress as you made, for my niece. I’m having the exact same trouble as you too, with it bunching up way to much in the front. I wondered if you eventually fixed yours, and if so, how? If you could let me know, I’d really appreciate it–this is my first historical dress, so I don’t have much experience.


    1. Hi Kami,

      I’m still working on re-working this dress, but even during the construction, I got rid of some of the excess bunching in the front by smoothing the fabric up towards the shoulder seams, until it lay flat on the lining. I ended up having about an inch of overhang after doing this, and so I just trimmed this off. The bunching is caused by excess length in the bodice and even though I shortened the bodice on the pattern prior to cutting the fabric out, I unfortunately didn’t shorten it enough. The weight of the skirt (when attached) will also pull the bodice down and smooth it out a bit, too.

      Good luck with the dress for your niece!

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