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Spring Cleaning Sale

I did some spring cleaning this past weekend, especially organizing my sewing stuff. Below are the fabric, patterns, and finished garments that are taking up space in my stash-filled closet and that I would love to pass on to somebody who could use them. Prices don’t include shipping – I’ll have to figure that out, depending on how much each package weighs. If you want something here, please leave a comment with the item(s) you want. Since WP requires an e-mail address to leave a comment (your e-mail address is not published!) I’ll send you an e-mail after you comment with a list of items that you would like to order and your total with estimated shipping. At this time, I’m only able to take checks or cash. Sorry, but I’m old school like that. 😉


Red polished cotton  SOLD

Black wool jersey – I have up to 5 yards available of this fabric. It is 100% wool and has a slight stretch. It would be great for modern dresses or to make stockings. $5 per yard

Black wool with grey and brown stripes; This is piece is 1 yard and 32″ and is 63″ wide. $9 for the piece. It would make a lovely shawl or separate bodice, as I have a dress made out of this same fabric listed down below

Grey Wool– this wool has an unusual but lovely square design woven into it. 1.5 yards and 62″ wide. $7 for the piece (I also have a remnant of a little under a yard available, too, if you are interested)

Lavendar Striped Shauntung – 53″ wide, 7.5 yards, $47

Brown and white striped calico SOLD

Patterns: Simplicty Martha McCain (“Fashion Historian”), $7 each

From left to right:

Top row:

-5442 (sheer dress), Size 6, 8, 10, 12

– 4510 (Darted bodice with pagoda sleeves and ruffles on skirt), Size 8, 10, 12, 14

-4400 (Darted Bodice with 2 sleeve variations), Size 8, 10, 12, 14

Bottom Row:

-9764 (Cage crinoline and petticoat), Size 6, 8, 10, 12

-9769 (Chemise, drawers, corset), Size 6, 8, 10, 12

-7215 (Chemise and 2 corsets), Size 6, 8, 10, 12

-5726 (Chemise, corset, and petticoat), Size 6, 8, 10, 12

Reenacting Clothing:

Purple Wool Quilted Hood – 100% hand-sewn hood made out of purple wool, lined with green polished cotton and quilted with cotton batting (click here for a view of the inside). $46

Grey wool quilted hood with red silk turn back  – 100% hand-sewn hood made out of grey wool, lined with green polished cotton, quilted in a square design with cotton batting, and red silk taffeta on turnback, ties, and curtain binding. Click here to view a shot of the exterior. $49

Whitewaist – Young ladies sheer bodice made of white cotton lawn with a half-high lining made out of pima cotton. Bodice closes in the front with hooks and eyes and is accented around the neckline and cuffs with white cotton lace with a woven-in black ribbon. Very fashionable when combined with a wool or silk skirt. 29″ waist and fits a 34″ bust. $52

Black wool striped dress – Dress is made out of black wool that has grey and brown stripes (you can see a close-up of the fabric it’s made out of here). Sleeves are cut on the bias. Does not include silk apron, belt, or velvet bow, but does include collar! Waist: 28″. Skirt length: 40.5″. Fits a 34″ bust. $80

Silk sewing apron – 100% hand-sewn turquoise blue sewing apron made out of silk taffeta. Closes with a cord and tassle tie in the back and has pockets at the front. Tie is 65″ long and apron is 23″ long. $58

Vintage Garments:

Red plaid skirt – Vintage Pendleton skirt made out of plaid wool. Closes in the back with a zipper and button (seen here); Waist: 32″, Length: 27.5″. $12

7 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Sale

    1. So sorry for the shoddy quality of the photo! It actually did look fine on my tiny camera screen and then when I uploaded it to the computer, no such luck. Anyways, the calico is kind of like a muted white (ivory) and dark chocolate brown. I think it would work great for a girl’s dress if the little girl you have in mind can be clothed with 2.75 yards. 😉 You could also do some really interesting things with trim (like blue or scarlet), and bias sleeves would be really cool.

      Would you like a sample of this sent to you before you commit, or shall I send you an e-mail with estimated shipping?

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