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Foiled by lack of boning and the reenactment

Hey, remember that corset I was working on? Well, I was hoping to have it done for the reenactment this past weekend. I worked on it much of last week, poking holes in it for the busk to fit into and sewing like a million boning channels (okay, it was more like 16, but it felt like a million). And then I got to the sliding the bones in the corset part. After this, it’s smooth sailing. All that’s left to do is bind it and I’ll be golden, right?


And the reason it was wrong was because most of the bones didn’t fit. Obviously, this should be blamed on poor planning on my part, however, I prefer to blame it on both my rotary cutter skills and sateen’s mad ability to fray skills. You see, a new corset has been planned for quite some time. I can’t even remember when I ordered the boning for this thing, only that I did measure the corset I already have, wrote down the boning measurements, and then ordered the boning.

Except, when it came time to put the bones in the corset, I thought I would even up the raw edges with the rotary cutter. Now before I go on, let me tell you that me and the rotary cutter have a love/hate relationship with one another. Rotary cutter has sliced into part of my pinky when I was trying to use him (her?) in conjunction with a ruler and went off the ruler and straight into my hand. Oh, and rotary cutter always loves to remind me how horrible I am at quilting and lining up all those edges.

Anyways, I have no idea why I decided to use the rotary cutter to straighten the edges rather than just using scissors to cut the dangly threads that were hanging off, but I did, and now half of the corset bones don’t fit. So, I remeasured and will be ordering new boning.

In the meantime, I had to sew something, so I made a new, desperately needed pair of undersleeves:

They’re made of cotton batiste and the pattern is just a rectangle that I made based on the fact that I only got a half yard of this stuff but it was really wide. Don’t ya just love my forethought when it comes to sewing projects!? 😉

But they were incredibly nice and cool to wear to this weekend’s reenactment! The reenactment was 2-days, but unfortunately, I was only able to make it Sunday. However, from what I heard, the weather was much niver on Sunday and the main attraction, Heidi’s two precious new babies, Jesse and Alanna, were still there!

Me and Jesse! Despite what you see, he’s totally happy to be there and we really became BFFs during the event.

They were entirely adorable and equipped with an entirely period-correct 1850s wardrobe. So, the reenactment was spent playing with utterly adorable 1850s babies and chatting about all sorts of witty subjects (including very nice looking Polish boys!) over delish homemade food.



A fabulous time was had by all, and I am definitely looking forward to next year’s reenactment!

2 thoughts on “Foiled by lack of boning and the reenactment

  1. I love this blog post because it uses so many words I never use, like boning! And i think “Foiled by Lack of Boning” would make a great Sherlock Holmes mystery, or girl adventure novel title. And the baby is very cute, and so are you!

    1. Aww, thanks Danusha! And sewing notions and Victorian clothing is a big passion of mine. I just try to make it interesting when I write about it. 😉

      And yes, that would make a good title for the novel, although I don’t know if good ol’ Sherlock Holmes would be solving a mystery related to women’s underthings!

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