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The “red, white, and black all over” dress

It’s been about 2 weeks since I got back from Poland, which is about how long I’ve been wanting a new summer dress! I worked on this dress for most of last week (after finally finishing the inevitable vacation unpacking and getting ready for the reenactment!) and finally wore it for the first time this past weekend.

Readers, I love, love, love this new dress! It’s so stinkin’ comfortable to wear, and the style is such a classic one. I’d been looking for a pattern for it everywhere when I finally found Vogue 8184:

The bodice went together so easy. Seriously, cut out a size 12, mocked it up, and it fit like a dream. The only changes I made were to shorten the bodice, as the bodice is made up of a gorgeous cotton sateen with a *tiny* bit of lycra in it, so it ended up stretching a little (unlike the muslin). Oh, and I also shortened the straps, but that’s the result of being a petite flower.

As for the skirt, it’s a painted cotton/linen blend that I found at Joanns. Definitely one of those items that you get because it’s so pretty and you don’t want to cut into. Part of the reason that it took me so long to get this dress done was because I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to use this fabric for this particular dress, especially since there was so little of it (about 1 7/8 yard, but lucky me got a remnant discount!). But, I’m glad I did. Despite the fact that it wrinkles and frays like crazy, it’s great for summer.

This was one of the only patterns that I didn’t follow the directions. I just used the basic pattern pieces and consulted the directions to see if I was on the right track, but other than that, I just sewed through it. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the back, but I used a metal zipper to give the dress that vintage feel. I also drafted my own facing for the neckline, since I didn’t want to line the whole bodice in the same fabric (cotton sateen!) like the pattern calls for.

Anyways, I already have another version of this dress in the works right now. I’m using a really cute peach fabric, and I’m taking my inspiration from the dress that Chuck wears in Episode 4 of Pushing Daisies (which you can see more of here).

Also, before I forget, I’ve signed up with Pattern Review and you can read my whole review of the bodice pattern (Vogue 8184) right here. I’ve also signed up with Burda Style and Flickr, too, so feel free to take a gander at those pages if you’re so inclined!

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