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SSS ’11: Uh, can we start back again at Day 19?

Hey, remember how I was doing that thing called Self-Stitched September, where I challenged myself to wear one handmade garment everyday for the whole month of September? And remember how I documented the first 8 days and how you haven’t seen me for the past 11 days? Yeah, well, I can explain that . . .

Due to an incredibly hectic few weeks (as in, dealing with icky personal issues, issues with our cell phone plan, issues with paying for my final year of school, issues with paying (potentially) for grad school, being all-around busy, and starting to move up to my new place in Seattle), I’ve been unfortunately lax about documenting my SSS outfits, and in some shameful cases, I didn’t wear any handmade items for a few days. :-/

So, it is in this case that I grovel before you, fabulous blog readers, with a sincerest apology for my lack of blogging/documenting this process/skipping this process on certain days and simply request that we forget it all and start again at Day 19:

 Worn with a purple t-shirt (have I mentioned I’ve been wearing t-shirts a lot lately?), is my self-stitched item for Day 19, a basic cotton grey skirt that I made at least a year ago. Oh, and I have on no make-up and just threw my hair up in a ponytail and headband this morning (see how the little bits fly away?). Does this help with the groveling? 😉

2 thoughts on “SSS ’11: Uh, can we start back again at Day 19?

    1. Aww, thank you, Victoria! Life majorly got in the way this month, and while groveling might not have been necessary (now that I’m looking back on this post with fresh eyes this morning) I feel like an apology definitely was, as SSS was something that I comitted to do. 😉

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