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Maybe I just sew better under pressure

It occured to me last night, while watching the season finale of Project Runway that maybe I just work better under pressure.

My frame of reference for this, of course, is Anya. When she worked on her collection for 5 weeks at home and then came back to New York, the judges were totally underwhelmed. But after 2 days of pressure sewing and intense re-evaluation of her stuff, she ended with a fabulous collection and won the season (I would have personally prefered Victor to win, as I love his little bow-ties and his stuff is more my aesthetic, but I’m happy for Anya).

But sewing, for the most part, has been a pressure and time-sensitive hobby, mostly because I’m in school full time (and I’m sure this is similar for those of you that work). But another part, as much as I hate to admit it, is also procrastination. It’s one of the things I really do best. And there’s sort of a running joke at the museum where I reenact about my procrastination sewing, since I’m often finishing a new dress or item the night before (and sometimes the morning of). But I’ll do whatever it takes to finish, even if that means pinning myself in (either with safety pins or straight pins, although the later hurts more).

So, it is with this same theme of Friday-night sewing, Saturday event that I find myself with another last-minute project: my halloween costume.

After much back and forth and many ideas (I contemplated being a zombie Jane Eyre, since I already have my late 40s/early 50s dress), I’ve decided to be Rachel Berry from Glee:

I actually get compared to her all the time by my friends. And I have to say that if I were to host an underage high school drinking party, I would totally hand out 2 vouchers per person for wine coolers.

Rather than doing an argyle sweater/short skirt/white tight combo (which Rachel is typically seen in), I have instead decided to make a rendition of the dress that Rachel wears while singing “Rolling in the Deep” with Jesse St. James:

The reason for this is two-fold: 1) I have some fabulous Lisette fabric that would work perfectly for this and 2) I can get a new dress out of this that I’ll wear on more than just Halloween. Actually, this is most of my motivation.

So, it’s with this in mind that I’m starting my costume/new frock tonight, as a result of having both a paper and a midterm this week (in the same class!). I’m already using a pattern that I’ve used before, so I’m hoping that things will go smoothly. And the Halloween party that I’m going to is tomorrow night, so I should (hopefully) have plenty of time to whip it up.

So, my Friday night will be spent with the Glee soundtrack, some Gingher scissors, and my sewing machine. That’s my idea of a good time right there. 😉

4 thoughts on “Maybe I just sew better under pressure

  1. Procrastination is definitely underrated. I used to get my best work done, both sewing and schooling the night before a project needed to be finished. Sew Anna Sew, and have fun tomorrow! LLS

  2. Here’s a site you might like to follow:
    Her latest post is about using twin needles, which I have been using as a substitute for owning a serger–it finishes your edges rather nicely, thank you.

    Have you heard of the Infinity Dress? My daughter made one yesterday, and it really goes together fast, and can be worn in all sorts of ways. My daughter has many fitting challenges, and this answered some of them. Find it here:

    Meanwhile, you might like my new blog. I just started it at the beginning of this month. Go to:

    1. Lovely links all around! Thank you, Victoria! Definitely don’t have a serger so the twin needle idea is intriguing, and that infinity dress looks so versatile! (and nope, I haven’t heard of it before).

      Off to go follow your blog and add it to my reading list . . .

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