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The Rachel Berry Halloween Dress!



Well, I finished it in time for the Halloween party on Saturday night, with actually an hour to spare to get dressed and ready. I didn’t start it until Friday night (thanks to a Skype date with my attractive Polish manfriend. But I’m not complaing), when I cut out all the pieces and then sewed up the bodice and the bodice lining. Oh, and the skirt seam. Saturday was spent sewing the bodice and lining together, gathering and sewing on the skirt, putting in the zipper, finishing the armholes, and hemming. Oh, and I even had time to squeeze a nap in there!

So, needless to say, I totally love this dress that I’m wearing it again today, but with a shorter black cardigan and my leather boots:

Oh, and I even made an “I love Finn” badge for the party so that people would get that I was Rachel Berry. Well, technically, I googled “I love Finn badge” and luckily one popped up that was perfect. But, I did print it out and pin it to my cardigan!

As for the skirt: Holy Hannah, I’m not used to them being this short!

Okay, it doesn't look that short in this photo because my knees are bent, but it really is short!

Granted, in terms of what young females wear today, it’s not remotely short. And it did cover up everything, and I felt better that I was wearing tights under it. But, I squuezed this dress out of less than 2 yards of fabric, and as a result, the skirt had to be a bit shorter than what I normally do. But, it’s growing on me and I’m sorta kinda starting to like it. And it’s totally Rachel Berry, so that helps. 😉

Oh, and before I forget: Happy Halloween! I doubt we’ll get trick-or-treaters here in the university area I live in (except for the 20-somethings who still think they’re entitled to free candy and carry around a pillowcase), so I’m gonna watch Miss Marple tonight. Yep, old ladies that solve murder mysteries in the English countryside is about as scary as I go for Halloween. 😉

3 thoughts on “The Rachel Berry Halloween Dress!

  1. It is amazing how effortlessly your personality flows over to your blog posts. I could very easily see you saying “holy hannah” and “that skirt is too short”, pointing out your handicap as far as yardage goes or admitting that it was not, in fact, you who made the “I heart Finn” badge. As far as the dress goes, I was completely lost in that first paragraph (with the exception of one flattering sentence) about the sewing terminology. You wear it well, but I think the costume looks better than what you wore the next day. If you’re concerned about length of the skirt, the boots (which run up pretty high) and the shorter cardigan gives the illusion that the skirt is shorter, so for that reason as well, stick with the flats. However, the edges near the neck of the second day’s cardigan have sharper edges, which give you a more flattering neckline. All and all, you’re pretty talented, and would have made a wonderful seamstress with cats, if that were the life you chose for yourself.

    1. Well, I’ll certainly be referring to you as “my attractive Polish manfriend” more often now if it leads to such lovely and sweet comments as this! 😉

      I really do try to write in a way that mirrors how I speak in real life, so that was incredibly sweet of you to notice that. 🙂

      And for a boy (albeit, an incredibly attractive one), you actually have some good style advice there. The only thing about the boots is they are a bit warmer (when combined with leggings) than wearing tights and flats with this dress. Then again, I probably shouldn’t be wearing a dress this short when it’s starting to get really cold outside like it is now . . .

      And seamstress with cats would have been the life I chose for myself, had I not met such a wonderfully charming and funny Polish boy this summer while studying abroad. 😉

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