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Holiday party AAR

Well, as of tomorrow, it will have been one week since my first holiday party. I held it the weekend before finals week, and while it was nice to spend that weekend cooking and decorating and catching up with friends, it meant that I was cramming for my exams this past week. But, luckily finals are over, and I’m finally on winter break.

Ok, back to the party. πŸ™‚ I never realized how much work went into putting these things together until I actually put one together myself. πŸ˜‰ And this wasn’t even a big party, I can’t imagine how Martha stewart puts together those massive holiday parties with the swags and lights everywhere. Of course, she has a staff of minions who work on this for her. unfortunately, my poor college student budget did not allow for a staff of minions to help me decorate and cook. πŸ˜‰

Anyways, I spent Friday evening and most of Saturday morning cooking and getting things together, before getting myself together:

Pre-party photo! I got dolled up in my tan wool circle skirt (which you can't see here), my black cropped cardigan, Christmas tree brooch, my new feathered headband, and red lipstick, of course!

And after that, it was time for the party! Here was the spread I put together:

The feast, which included cheese & crackers (oh, and veggies!), bread & butter, holiday M&Ms, ham, red velvet cupcakes, Potatoes Anna (this is literally what they're called, just ask Martha Stewart), and a hot chocolate bar. Oh, and my very generous friends also brought along egg nog, biscotti, and fruit chocolates!

Most of the party was spent eating and chatting, although we did decorate sugar cookies towards the end. Oh, and my roomie (who’s basically like a blonde version of me! We’re both petite crafty history majors) was able to make it towards the end, as well. I love that we both wore suede shoes in Christmas colors!

She also gave me my present that night, and it was a really cute gold bow hair comb, which will definitely be getting a lot of wear. I haven’t gotten her present yet (bad me!) so that will be remedied sometime next week.

So, that was my party in a nutshell. I made way too much food, so I had leftovers all week (I was literally eating a cupcake and a cookie everyday. But, it was finals week, so that was a welcome reward for studying so hard everyday). Anyways, I hope your holiday season has been going well so far. I still have a few Christmas gifts to sew up, so that’s what I’ll be working on this weekend and probably into next week. I love being able to sleep in and spend my days crafting and sewing, without having to worry about school work. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Holiday party AAR

  1. Sounds wonderful Anna. We here at Irish Acres in the counrtry are pretty much set up. The tree is beautiful and we will be cutting the fresh greenery for the mantels just a couple of days before Christmas itself. I’m sewing several things for gifts – a cozy throw with a big sock monkey appliqued on one side. (He is brown velveteen), and a plaid wool skirt, and refurbrishing a 24 year old bear skin rug (faux) for a grandchild. It was his mother’s and I spruced it up and he will now have new life with baby boy Ayden.
    Have a wonderful Christmas. I hope you have friends in, joy, great food and tons of fun.- and holiday music!

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