Happy Holidays! (Plus, a mini-blogging break)

Wow, it’s hard to believe that it’s the day before Christmas! I hope everyone’s enjoying yummy festive food, warm drinks, and spending time with friends and family. It seems that this year, the holiday season has been extra busy for me, with a ton of sewing (both gifts for other people and some little things for myself), shopping, baking, and gift finding and wrapping. The holidays are also made a bit more complicated for me in that my birthday falls right before Christmas (meaning that most of my birthday presents throughout my childhood, and even now, are wrapped in Christmas wrap).  But, after a very hectic week, I finally feel like I’m digging myself up from under a pile of wrapping paper.

I’ll be going on a mini-blogging break from now through the New Year, as I’m leaving for New York on Monday to see my handsome Polish manfriend (definitely my favorite Christmas gift this year!). We haven’t seen each other in almost 5 months and let’s just say that being in a long-distance relationship can be very challenging sometimes. 😉 So, I’m really excited to be able to spend some time with him again, as well as see New York for the first time.

But, before I go, I’d like to wish all my blog followers and readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, as well. See you next year (I love being able to say that ;))!

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays! (Plus, a mini-blogging break)

  1. Hope you have a fantastic time in NY with you friend!
    This is the day after and Santa definately has been here. It was wonderful with family – lots of laughs, some tears (happy ones). My sewing projects were a success. So glad I had the time to do them.
    Anna – this is wishing you a wonderful New Year with happiness and great success.
    Nancy Farris-Thee’

  2. Post script – LOVE the pic from the movie: “Christmas In Conneticut”. There is a Gladys Taber connection (kind of) and I have loved her for years. I have all her Stillmeadow books and many others Mrs. Taber wrote during her inspiring career. So thank you Anna, for the reminder.

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