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Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 readers! I realize that we’re 6 days into a new year already, but after flying home from New York this past weekend followed by starting up school again, life has been a bit hectic this past week, and I finally feel that I’m settling back into a routine.

Right, so New York. I had a fabulous time there, seeing the handsome manfriend, even if it was only for a week.

On the boardwalk in Staten Island. Yeah, he's cute . . . .

While we didn’t make it to Mood, we still did fabulous things like visiting Times Square and seeing a Broadway Show (we saw Avenue Q, which I had never heard of before but which I highly, highly recommend! It was hysterical, although *ahem* a bit more for mature audiences, if you catch my drift).

So, what does 2012 hold for me? Lots of sewing, of course! I’m also interning at the living history museum that I volunteer at and am working on an exhibit about women in the fur trade. Oh, and I graduate in June and then get to enter the adult world and try to find a full-time job. Scary!

Wing It On Dress, image from ModCloth

Oh, and since this is a sewing blog, I should probably talk about that. Currently, I’m working on making a repro of a Modcloth dress for a gal that I went to HS with. She does professional photography and in exchange for making her the dress has agreed to take photos of me in my sewing creations for my portfolio. Needless to say, I am so stoked about collaborating in this way with her! Also, I have the ladies tea next month, and I may try to make another late 1850s dress, but we’ll see how that goes. 😉

Anyways, best wishes to you and yours in 2012! Oh, and happy sewing! I can’t wait to see all the fabulous creations that everyone comes up with this year!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    1. Aww, thanks so much Sophia!

      And glad you like the header! I was debating about it after I changed it, but I think I’ll leave it up for a while. It’s from a 1950s knitting magazine and while I don’t knit well (I learned a bit over break to knit with a loop), I quite like the expressions on the gals faces. 😉

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