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Snow Day

Snow days mean cable knit sweaters and cups of tea! Oh, and not having to put on your make-up . . .

Its been snowing pretty heavily the past couple days here in the Pacific NW, so yesterday and today have both been snow days off from school (I’m hoping for tomorrow off, as well, but we’ll see). Meaning that I get to sleep in, drink lots of tea, catch up on neglected school work (ugh), and bundle up in a cute cable knit sweater. I love cable knit sweaters. 🙂

Okay, enough about the weather and school, onto sewing! Unfortunately, the 2 projects that I had been planning to work on – the skirt and modern dress commission toile – both have issues. The skirt has issues because I left the hem binding for it at home so I can’t finish it just yet, and the toile has issues because I don’t have the right size pattern (hoping to remedy that this weekend during the Joann’s sale).  Anyways, since I couldn’t work on either of those two things, I’ve been working on another project, a cute modern bag for commuting. I’ve had the pattern and fabric for a while, but finally had the chance to sew it up.

Here’s a sneak peek of it:

The pattern is Simplicity 2685 (View D) for those interested.

Alright, off to go finish it. For those of you snowed in here in the NW, stay warm! 🙂

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