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The “commuter chic” bag

Well, it’s finished! I’ve been wanting something bigger than my current tote for school and smaller than my backpack for use when I commute home during the week for my internship (and sometimes during the weekend, as well). Enter Simplicity 2685, which went together like a charm.

The bag! With a big ol' button on the outside.

I used a printed cotton twill for the outside in yellow and grey (which is easily becoming one of my new favorite color combinations, thanks to all the fabulous outfits Emma Pillsbury wears with these colors) and a plain cotton canvas for the lining on the inside.

A few notes about the pattern: while the tucks on both sides are time-consuming, I really like the effect they give. Also, I omitted interfacing the lining (cotton canvas is sturdy enough, in my opinion) as well as including the zipper pocket, as I didn’t have a zipper in the right color or size for the bag. Not that I would have included it if I have. Sewing pockets (at least for me) if they’re not patch pockets are more trouble than they’re worth.

Oh, as for the snow, that’s finally starting to melt and luckily there’s been no flooding here. Or power outages, although our internet has been on the fritz the past couple days. It seems to be working now, so hopefully it will stay that way, as I really do have homework. Although sometimes you do need to take a break and read Handmade Ryan Gosling to stay sane. 😉

Have a great week, everyone!

8 thoughts on “The “commuter chic” bag

  1. Love the new bag. I have this pattern. It sure is nice and roomy. Great for school, buying trips (swatch books, etc.) small portfolios – I agree with eliminating the interfacing. But am in favor of a cotton lining.

    1. Thanks so much! Oh, and I got the dress! I won’t be able to try it on until Wednesday (I had it shipped to my parents’ house since their mail is secure and I didn’t want to lose it lol), but I can’t wait to see it!

    1. Thanks, Nona! and I got the shoes here at Lucky Vintage in Seattle. They’re vintage dance shoes (made of leather) but are a bit tight on me and my feet always hurt after I wear them. But they are ridiculously cute. 😉 Hey, you’re feet are a little smaller than mine, right? would you want to try them on sometime and see how they fit?

      1. Oh, you bet! I would love to try them. I could always use another pair of ridiculously cute shoes. 🙂 Oh yes! I’ve been meaning to tell you, I have a pair of heels that are a little too big for me. They are brown with back accent trim; character shoes. They are super comfy, but they are a little big for me. =P Perhaps we could do a trade?

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