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Introducing the Puget Sound Ladies Costume Society!

So remember the “neat development” that I mentioned in my last post? Well, after some grunt work, I can now announce that I’ve started a costume society for us Puget Sound ladies!

The idea came about during last weekend’s reenactment. Fort Steilacoom has a huge field in the front of the buildings, and I always thought that it would be fabulous to do a Regency cricket game there, like in Becoming Jane. Some of the other gals agreed that that would be fun to do, and then I thought of what other eras I would like to costume that I don’t really get the chance to out here, and I immediately knew that I wanted to do a 100th Anniversary of the Sinking of the Titanic event (since, really, that only happends once and I’ve always wanted to make an Edwardian outfit). So, the costume society was born!

Anyways, I’ve started a blog with more info for those interested. Our first event will be the Titanic tea on April 14th (which works out to be the *exact* 100th anniversary of the sinking) and I’m really excited to put together an Edwardian outfit (I definitely want to do reproduce Kate Winslet wore in the 1997 Titanic, although I’m caught between the yellow walking dress and the green lace breakfast dress with the big rose belt. Thoughts?)

Alright, off to go research Edwardian underpinnings. Hope everyone has a lovely long weekend!

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