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Outfit: Sunday matinee

Last week was finals week here at Chez Anna (which is why there have been so few posts lately), and I finally feel like I’m catching my breath now that it’s Spring Break. Speaking of which, the weather is finally warming up to the point where I can wear tights with my skirts, rather than leggings with two pairs of socks and boots. 😉 So, in addition to tights, I also wore my new (to me) beaded cardigan and me-made black wool skirt to the theater this afternoon to catch a matinee of The Artist!

Readers, I adored this film. I’m sure many of you have heard of it since it recently won several Oscars, but it’s basically about a silent film actor from the 20s who struggles while the film industry is getting in the business of producing only “Talkies.” And I find it so interesting (and fabulous) that a silent film has been so popular in the 21st century. Despite the lack of sound, the plot came across clearly, the music was astounding, the costuming on-par with the actors looking like they stepped directly out of the 20s, and the dance scenes were incredibly entertaining.

My favorite scene from the film:

Oh, and the dog in the film was *so* adorable! He could do some really neat tricks (like pretend to be dead after fake getting shot). So, when I got home I immediately had to hug the puppy (ok, he’s 4 but he’s tiny!) Marshmallow may not be able to play dead, but he’s very good at being yappy and only sitting when you have food. 😉

Oh, before I forget: one of the things I’ve been working on lately have been reproduction Victorian bookmarks made out of perforated paper (which is sort of like a stiff cardstock that has holes punched into it so you can embroider and cross-stitch on it).

Anyways, I whipped up a few of these for the mini-workshop that I taught on how to make them on Saturday. It was slightly nervewrecking, since I’m not an embroidery or cross-stitch expert at all, but it went swimmingly. And for those of you that do mid-19th century reenacting, this is a great project since it’s so easy and portable.

Alright, that’s it for now. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!



6 thoughts on “Outfit: Sunday matinee

  1. I loved that movie, too! I went to see it a second time just a few days after my first viewing, and it was just as good! Love the outfit– that skirt is so cute on you!

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