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Of sewing parties, tired doggies, and antique quilts

Hope everyone had a lovely long weekend! I spent mine catching up on both sleep and homework. While those aren’t too exciting, I had a fabulous sewing party with Nona yesterday! We met downtown to do a bit of thrifting and then headed to my place for dinner, dessert, and sewing! And of course we chatted about all sorts of nerdy history and sewing things. 😉

Nona worked on a modern slip on her new Janome . .  .

. . . . and I worked on my silk 1850s bonnet by hand.

I’m hoping to have this one done so I can wear it to some summer event this year, but we’ll see. I’ve already been working on it for a little over a year now. 😉

Marshmallow was so exicted about Nona coming over yesterday that he totally wore himself out today:

Yes, that is a red and white snowflake blankie . . .

Finally, now that the exhibit creation is over at my internship, I’ve been working on doing some conservation work on an antique quilt that was a recent donation to the collection:

It’s such an interesting piece, with so many different fabrics patched together. I admire its utilitarian charm and resourcefulness of recycling fabric, since I personally think modern quilting is so wasteful of fabric.  It was definitely well-loved during its time, and, as a result, needs some TLC. Which is just what I intend to give it. 😉

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