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Crafts of the Past Weekend

What I’ll be doing this weekend!

Just a quick little post to let you guys know that I’ve been selected as a “visiting artist” this weekend at Fort Nisqually for their new “Crafts of the Past” program. Basically, I’m getting paid to sit around in period costume, sew, and chat with the public about my sewing. How awesome is that!? Anyways, if you’re gonna be in the Tacoma-region this weekend, come say “hi!” You can read more about the event here. The fort did a really lovely write-up about me, and I’m so tickled by it and humbled by this opporotunity I’ve been presented with.

Also, there are still lots of items available in my Spring Cleaning Blog Sale! All the wool fabric is gone, but there’s a ton of patterns, reenacting and vintage clothing, and other fabrics available.

Alright, have a lovely weekend, everybody!

9 thoughts on “Crafts of the Past Weekend

    1. Well, today I worked on an 1860s dress for a client, and did some work on my 1850s straw bonnet. I’ll likely work on both projects again tomorrow, as the steady stream of visitors means that I’m not getting a whole lot of sewing time. But it should be less busy tomorrow!

      And thanks for stumbling upon my blog! You have some really lovely sewn items on your blog.

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