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Things I learned from watching Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter


Sewing progress has been slow and tedious over here at Chez Anna (more about that later this week), so I took a break yesterday (with my fake auntie!) to go see a very interesting film that’s just come out, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. The history lessons I learned from this were astounding, that I just had to share!

  • Abe Lincoln’s mom died from a vampire bite. Thus, he became a vampire hunter.
  • Before she was married, Mary Todd did her own shopping. At the general store. In a ballgown.
  • People in Springfield in the 1830s were wearing clothing styles of the 1850s. They were *that* fashion-forward. 😉
  • Abe & Mary Todd only had 1 son, Willie…. He was, of course, killed by a vampire, which is why Mary Todd fled the White House.
  •  After Mary Todd fled the White House, she went to the Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, so that she could personally kill the vampire that had killed her son. Also, she was never crazy or fat, but quite sane and thin, despite being married to a vampire killer.
  • Oh, and all of the Confederates were vampires. Every single one. Thus, all of the silver in the Union had to be confiscated in order to make weapons to destroy them.

Anyways, despite lots of a few historical inaccuracies, I actually really liked the film. It was incredibly entertaining to see our 16th president hunt vampires by twirling around an axe, and a nice change of pace from all the genteel Jane Austen costume dramas I’ve been watching lately (and if you’re a fan of costume dramas, too, then you must check this out. Trust me, you won’t regret it). 😉

10 thoughts on “Things I learned from watching Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

  1. I’m sorry, how is this inaccurate? Boy are you a stickler for details! Heehee. Loved the book- so looking forward to it coming to my theatre -if the confederate vampires let it thru, of course.

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