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New corset, and off to the reenactment!

I seem to be showing you guys a lot of corsetry this week, huh? 😉 Anyways, here are just a few quick photos of the corset I finished yesterday. And no, I didn’t start it this week. 😉 It’s the same one that I was working on last year when I posted this tutorial on how to take a pattern off of a corset. I finally got boning (from a very nice fellow reenactor!) that was the right size to be able to finish it. So, this week I finished it by putting in the remaining boning, inserting the grommets, sewing the twill tape along the edges, and lacing it up.

Also, a very big thanks to everyone who offered costume drama suggestions on this post last week! I’m still wading through them, although I did get David Copperfield. However, this week, I mostly sewed while watching my new obsession, Boardwalk Empire. I am just in love with the show’s 20s costumes, and Michael Pitt (who plays Jimmy Darmody) looks *so* much like my ex, that it’s both incredibly entertaining and slightly creepy at the same time. 😉 It was even creepier back in April when Michael Pitt was at the museum on one of my intern days filming a movie, and he sort of gave me this dead-on glare. Anyways . . . .

The corset is made from 2 layers of cotton sateen, which I think may have stretched during the making, as I had to take a tuck in on both sides to get it to fit better. And it’s not as rigid as my other corset, which I think may take some getting used to. But, overall I’m pleased with it and it’s nice to have another corset to use that doesn’t have boning popping out. 😉

Hope everybody has a lovely weekend! I’ll be offline all this weekend, as I’ll be attending my first Civil War Reenactment. I’ve done so much sewing and cooking and packing this week, that I’m looking forward to 2 days of sitting in the shade in costume with some fabulous people. 😉

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