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First Civil War Reenactment AAR

Children learning about history!

I’m back from my first Civil War reenactment! It was an incredibly interesting experience, watching the battle and hearing and seeing so many muskets and cannons go off. The field that the reenactment was held in was just so gorgeous and quaint, with an antique barn (where a fashion show was held!).

Anyways, I spent my time in the Confederate camp, mostly in the Dressmaker’s Shop, working on a commission:

I wore my tan wool skirt (which was totally a mistake with the muggy weather we had) and what’s called a “whitewaist,” which is a sheer cotton bodice that was fashionable in the early 1860s. I made this whitewaist back in 2008, but since I only do about one late 1850s/early 1860s event per year, it doesn’t get much wear.

I also planned with “Historic Baby” (aka Alanna) who is the daughter of a reenacting friend from Oregon.

And of course, special thanks to my fake auntie for taking me along with her!

Aren’t her accessories just fabulous!?

All in all, I’m really glad I went and wouldn’t mind going back again next year. I met some incredibly lovely people and had a fabulous time. That being said, Civil War Reenacting just isn’t for me. I realized this weekend that I like reenacting in a historic house setting where the buildings are already there. Because there were no actual Civil War battles here in WA state, the reenactments inevitably have to involve encampments with tents. And it’s just amazing the time and effort that goes into finding antique and reproduction items to use in a camp and then set everything up and take it all down. I have great respect for Civil War reeanctors in this regard.  But, just having to show up wearing a costume at a historic site that has the bildings there is just more appealing for this young reenactress on a budget. 😉

Alright, back to sewing. I have 2 commissions I need to finish this week, and then I can finally sew things for myself. Look forward to that! 😉

8 thoughts on “First Civil War Reenactment AAR

  1. Anna, it was fabulous to meet you this weekend. I tend to agree about the historical house preference. I’m getting there myself. I’ve come to realize that I prefer demonstrating period activities. Fitting those period projects into my car, along with a tent, clothes for 2-3 days, blankets, food, etc. just doesn’t work–assuming I even have them all ready to go. When I started reenacting, the historic houses nearby (Astoria), weren’t doing living history so I did a few events in the Portland area but reenacting was an easier outlet. Now, not so much.

    1. Kady, it was fabulous to meet you, as well! I do an 1850s camping event once a year, and the site I’m at provides the tent, so I just have to bring food, clothing, etc. Even without the tent my little Toyota Corolla is already full!

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