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Forays into the 1930s

Happy Monday, readers! I thought I would share some inspiration and photos of my latest project – an outfit for a 1938 picnic!

I’m venturing into uncharted territory here when it comes to 1930s stuff, although this era (as well as the 1920s) have become a new obsession for me.I think it probably has something to do with Boardwalk Empire. I just finished the second season, and cannot wait for the 3rd starting next month! The costumes are just to die for:


Anyways, back to the picnic! The Portland vintage community is organizing a 1938 picnic at Fort Vancouver this Friday, and I just happen to have a mutual friend of the fabulous Solanah of Vixen Vintage (seriously this lady is my idol), so I got invited! I’m just tickled pink by the opporotunity to wear vintage with like-minded and fabulous ladies, and getting to meet one of my favorite bloggers!

Luckily, I already have the hat, a brown leather one which I got at the Civil War reenactment last month:

Don’t worry, I won’t be wearing fur in August . . .

As for the dress, I spent lots of time last week searching online for a vintage 1930s dress to wear. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything due to a) price, b) size and c) time it would take to ship. Ultimately, sewing my own outfit won out. Here’s my inspiration image:

My plan is to do a red linen suspender skirt with a white blouse, combined with my fabulous leather hat.

Luckily, I already have a suspender skirt pattern, and though it’s from the 1940s, the shape is close enough to the one above from the 30s (same with the modern blouse pattern being a similar shape). The skirt pattern is a bit too small (aren’t vintage patterns always!? lol), so I graded it up this afternoon. I’ll have a tutorial on how to do that up tomorrow. đŸ˜‰

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