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A taffeta circle skirt for swing dancing

Hey, remember when I said I was going to take that hiatus from reenacting? Well, besides working on learning the ukelele (I can play the D and G cords!), I’ve also taken up swing dancing! It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, and my fake auntie took me last week for Capital City Swing’s Friday night dance. Readers, it was so much fun. The music was fabulous, the people incredibly friendly, and luckily, despite having 2 left feet, I caught on pretty quickly. Unfortunately, there’s no swing dancing tonight (some other group reserved the hall, so swing will resume next week). However, this has given me time to check out more swing videos on Youtube (there are some really fabulous ones!) and make a new circle skirt!

If you can believe it, this skirt actually started off as my graduation party frock. I thought I would finally finish it this week, but I just had so many issues, getting the bodice to fit with the skirt, and getting the v-neck thing to work. I was going to cut a different bodice using a pattern I had that I knew worked, but unfortunately I ran out of fabric to do that. So, rather than totally shelf the project, I decided to just make a skirt instead!

The fabric is a faux silk taffeta that I got from Demode during her last blog sale. It has really nice body, and my next project will definitely be to make some tap pants so that oopsies like this don’t occur on the dance floor:

My Marilyn Monroe moment!

Of course, I must mention the accessories! As for the bag, it was a giveaway from The Retrosphere. I got a shopping credit, and chose this oversized 60s bag.

My hat is a vintage felt one that I got last year. I styled my hair using Casey’s fabulous romantic, braided updo tutorial. I really love this style and have been sporting it frequently this past week.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! Besides the usual errands, I’ll be headed up to Seattle to do some shopping at some of my favorite vintage clothing and thrift stores after dropping my little sis off to start college. 😉

19 thoughts on “A taffeta circle skirt for swing dancing

  1. Fab skirt! I am such a sucker for that cranberry color. Over the weekend I purchased a vintage sweater set in this color, but it is sadly too big. 😦 So it’ll go up for sale soon.

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