Seriously, this is how you found me!? Vol. 1

Readers, today I thought I would offer you a “behind-the-scenes” look at the inner-workings here at anna in technicolor. No, I don’t mean all of the pinning, basting and unladylike language that goes on during my own personal sewing process. 😉 Rather, a small glimpse at what I go through as a blogger.

So, WordPress has this handy feature in their stats where you can see the exact search terms that people used to find your blog. For the most part, I get things like “1850s dress,” “sewing,” and “draping tutorial”  which totally make sense. Occasionally, I get some weird ones, and I’ve decided to share some of these with you for your amusement.*

“i want my diamond back and you will not hear from me again until i re” It stops here. I can only surmise that this person got their diamond back and therefore could stop typing.

“why is mary todd thin in abraham lincoln vampire hunter” I was wondering this too! It’s probably because she had to fight vampires at the Battle of Gettysburg. 😉

“hot reenactor” Why, thank you. 😉

“white chicken fabric yards” Sorry, I only use brown chicken fabric . . .

“cute cat dog pictures together titanic pose” Yeah, don’t know how to respond to this one . . .

“love women who wear petticoats and slips.” Really!? Are you perhaps a single 20-something British man, by any chance? 😉

“free images of corset and fire.” Don’t know why you would need this, but here ya go! I made it so that the corset looks like it’s catching on fire, hope that’s ok. 😉

“Keep out of my room posters.” Yeah, cuz I’m totally known for being a moody teenager. Well, I did just post a picture of a corset on fire . . .

“clothing with half of yard.” No. Just no.

“school marm costume.” I actually get this one a lot, for some reason.

“mens technicolor bathrobe quilt” Is it a technicolor quilted bathrobe, or a quilt made out of bathrobe fabric? I’m confused. See, this is exactly why I was wary about using the word “technicolor” in my blog name. I knew it would create confusion!

“were there cars in the 1850s” No, there weren’t . . .

“michael pitt in a dress” Ok, now this one sorta makes sense. I mean, I talk about dresses like all the time, and I have talked about Michael Pitt before. But Michael Pitt in a dress? Haven’t covered that topic! Yet. 😉

*Please note: this is totally meant to be a tongue-in-cheek post! I’m grateful for every view and comment I receive, even if the way you got here was through searching for corsets and fire. 😉

12 thoughts on “Seriously, this is how you found me!? Vol. 1

  1. I totally know how you feel! I have quite a few odd ones too. I think my favorite may be “nazi jetpack” which makes sense because I have talked about the film The Rocketteer before.

  2. I love this post. Someone got to my blog by searching for “I wanted to make a”.
    It isn’t so strange that they found me since I make things… but what were they hoping to stumble across?

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