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The wacky print modern dress

Just a quick post tonight before I head out the door! So, I finished this new dress yesterday, and I think I started on it the day before that. I just needed an easy project that I knew would go together after the struggles I had with what eventually became the red taffeta circle skirt. And, yes, an “easy” project for me means a dress with a lined bodice and gathered skirt. 😉

Red shoes!

I used my modified version of Butterick 4443 (one of my favorite bodice patterns ever).  It’s the same pattern I used for the Jenny in Paris dress, and Rachel Berry halloween dress. I just love having a go-to pattern that I know will fit (I’m sure you all feel the same!).

This project was another stash buster, with the fabric, zipper, and thread all coming from the stash. It’s nice to see the stash start to get smaller, albeit slowly. 😉 And it’s especially nice to finally have used this fabric! I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I just can’t cut into a piece of fabric because I have so many projects I want to make with it, but I have a limited quantity of the stuff, so I have to decide on one project. Which can be incredibly difficult. 😉

Anyways, I’m wearing this dress tonight for a Project Runway party I’m going to! To tell you the truth, I’ve been a bit underwhelmed by the designers this season, although I’m not ashamed to admit that I love the drama. 😉

What about you, readers? Any fellow Project Runway fans out there? Anybody working on a stash busting project?

8 thoughts on “The wacky print modern dress

  1. I just finished a Stash Dash project, too. 😀 I had a bolt of 50 yards of green damask that I’ve been working my way through, so over the past couple of days, I made myself an 18th Century round gown.

    Your dress is so cute! I love that fabric, and it worked perfectly for that dress. 😀 I’ve been feeling the same about Project Runway, though. We’re down to the top 8, and I still don’t favour one over the others. :p

    1. Thank you so much for that lovely comment, and for visiting my blog! And what a lovely stash busting dress you’ve made (although 50 yards? Wow!). The 18th century is one of those costume time periods I love, but that just intimidate me so much. I will make a dress from this era sometime, though. 😉

      And I don’t have a clear PR favorite, either. I guess I like Christopher because he reminds me of Michael C from a few seasons ago. And after last night’s episode when Melissa revealed she was Polish (not that this was some huge secret), I do like her a bit more. 😉

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