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A 19th-century Christmas


Yesterday was this year’s last event at Fort Nisqually, 19th century Christmas. This event is always one of my favorites, as everyone dresses up in their best 1850s garb (can you say plaid wool dresses!?) and the Fort is so beautifully decorated. That being said, this year’s Christmas event was bittersweet as it was the last one for our event coordinator, so there was a lovely little farewell party after the event.

Anyways, onto the costumes! I wore my green plaid fan-front dress, but embellished it with a bow I made from red silk taffeta. Also, the food was wonderful. Not only did I get apple pie . . . .


. . .  but there was also homemade mincemeat pie (with rum butter!) . . .


. . . and a Christmas pudding!

Our amazing cook setting the pudding ablaze for the ladies.
Our amazing cook setting the pudding ablaze for the ladies.

Anyways, I have another Christmas reenactment next weekend, although I’ll be doing 1859 this time! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

8 thoughts on “A 19th-century Christmas

  1. I love the pomeander. Or, what would you call it? If I have time in the unpacking, those would be great to make for our new porch. I think we have three hooks along the front already there to hang them from.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lawrence, I took that photo! I know, digital cameras aren’t PC, but I like to think that I can bend the rules being a costume blogger. 😉 I would love to send you a copy of the photo if you want one, should I send it to the e-mail address you listed when you commented?

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