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A Modern Skirt for Work, Take II


Hey, look! I actually sewed something!

Anyways, after my first modern skirt for work debacle, I decided I need to make another one (I’m a masochist, I tell ya!). Now, don’t laugh when I tell you where the inspiration for this one came from.

Katie Couric.

Really. She’s a very fashionable news woman lady (yes, that’s a technical term), although now she has this talk show that grandma and I watch occasionally, as it’s on every night after Dr. Phil (and we never miss Dr. Phil, or “the doctor,” or sometimes just plain “Phil” as grandma likes to refer to him). The only downside is that I think she may have replaced Anderson Cooper’s talk show, as I never see his show on anymore.

Anyways, grandma and I were watching a Katie Couric show on steroids in sports, and I saw her wearing this cute little grey skirt with a basic black tee, and had to make one. I got the fabric from Hancock’s (it’s a wool blend), and the pattern is Simplicity 1717 (view B). It’s supposed to be one of those “Amazing Fit” patterns, but let me tell you, the fit was less than amazing. I had to take the whole thing in 2.5″ after cutting out my usual size 14 for skirts. Now, I did forget to staystitch the top edge right after I cut it out, so that *might* have contributed. Might have. But certainly not a whole two inches worth!

Well, the zipper’s supposed to be invisible . . .

Still, I’m really proud of finishing the inside edges of this thing (even though I had to rip out lots of stitches when refitting it), as the fabric frays like crazy. I bound all the raw edges in bias tape, as my usual stitching and then pinking wouldn’t have helped much here.


Just for funsies, a sneaky picture of me actually wearing it at work. Because the mark of a fashionable working woman is outfit shots taken in the bathroom, right? 😉


I also wore it with the slip I made a while ago but never blogged about (for some reason. We all know how much I love posting about my underthings on the interweb). Anyways, it’s silk twill from Dharma Trading Co., trimmed with black lace and a black ribbon. Super classy, if you ask me.


Finally, a huge apology for my lack of posts lately. One of the disadvantages of being a temp is that my position will end soon, so I’ve been looking for other jobs like a crazy lady. I did get offered 2 positions lately that I didn’t apply on (they’re both temp office positions, as well). Apparently I’m *that* good at typing and answering the phone. 😉

7 thoughts on “A Modern Skirt for Work, Take II

  1. Very well done, missy! I am super impressed with the inside seams! I have yet to tackle that. I somewhat did my first lining this last weekend. I say somewhat because my mum helped me a great deal. :/

    Good luck on the job hunt!


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