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The 1859 Ladies Tea


I’m finally recovering from all the fabulousness that was this past weekend’s Ladies Tea. For those of you new to this annual reenactment I do, members of the public buy tickets to the tea and for $15 get a delightful afternoon of tea, desserts, and entertainment by reenactors. It’s held every year in February as a fundraiser for Fort Steilacoom, and this year I had the crazy idea to help co-organize it. Readers, I now understand why “Event Planner” is a job. I mean, if there was ever a girl that needed a drink in the history of girls needing drinks, it would be me.

Girl that needs a drink

Despite this, the event was a ravishing success and our biggest tea ever. I had planned for 30 guests, made 35 tartlets (just in case) and was stunned when I arrived and was told we had 48 guests!


Of course, the event could never have been such a success without the help of some of our youngest reenactors that volunteered to be servants. Look how cute they are!

Child servitude FTW!

We also had a hat and bonnet display in the main parlor area. Here’s a shot of some of the quilted bonnets:


I also re-trimmed my straw hat. This style is actually named after me. Yes, random annaintechnicolor trivia fact: I have a straw hat named after me, you can buy it here if interested. 😉


Finally, thanks for all the career well-wishes on my last post! I actually just got a promotion this week, and will now be working with some of the big-wigs where I get to wear pearls and heels every day. It should be a challenge (I didn’t mean the wearing of heels, although that can sometimes be a challenge for me), and I’m really looking forward to it, so no more texting on the job. Not that I ever did that to begin with, of course. 😉

16 thoughts on “The 1859 Ladies Tea

  1. I love these re-enactment posts. And it’s so cool that children are involved too! What a great way to give them a feel for history.

    Congrats on the new job too!

    1. Thank you so much! And I think having kids reenact is such a great thing – they get to experience history first-hand and see it be brought to life as opposed to reading it second-hand from a text book.

  2. Anna, I truly wish I could have dressed as Emma and attended this event! Everything looks so beautiful and refined; you are truly amazing!
    So, that begs the question, what about an event that the gentlemen can attend? I know Thornhill is not a gentleman and would not be able to sit and eat with the public. But, he can cook, bake, and wait at table…

    1. Oh, gosh, thank you so much! And gentlemen can attend the event now, although the title “Ladies Tea” seems to discourage them. 😉

      I would love to have Thornhill help out at a tea sometime, I bet he can entertain us, as well. 😉

  3. I Believe immediatly you did a good job,
    the children are very cute indeed ..
    and im so happy to read a view new stories from you

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