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In-Progress: Going-Away Dress

Readers, my best friend is getting married this summer, and not only do I have the distinct honor of being one of the bridesmaids, but I also will be making her going-away dress! I haven’t done a full dress commission since last year, and I felt that a custom-made dress would be a great gift for her and way more personal than say a toaster. 😉

Anyways, the design we decided on was a bodice with a lace yoke, like my sheer-yoked Macaron (I’m actually using the same pattern), but rather than a pleated skirt, I decided to go with a circle skirt. I finished the mock-up yesterday (using muslin and really cheap Joann’s lace fabric), and she came over today for her fitting.

Here’s the dress pre-fitting:


And afterwards, with her wedding colors (the dress will be blue, with a cream lace yoke):


Not a lot of changes, luckily! The yoke was just a little big, so I pinched out the fullness. I’ll buy the fashion fabric and actual lace fabric this Friday when I go to the Sewing Expo! I’m taking a class on draping, which I’m very excited about.

How about you, readers? Anyone ever make anything for a friend that was going to be a bride? Or anybody taking any fun sewing classes soon?

8 thoughts on “In-Progress: Going-Away Dress

  1. Anna – you soooo rock!!

    This dress is amazing!! I have always loved loved loved a lace yoke!!

    Way way way back in 1976 I made a going away sports wear capri set for my girlfriend who was getting married. She handed me the fabric (Calcutta cloth) and pattern – and I just went for it!! I was 18-years-old and she was 20-years-old – we were in college together in Bismarck, ND!!

  2. oh that looks so beautiful! How special to get to wear a handmade item on one’s wedding day!! I’m slowly working on the Craftsy class for Sergers–I’m a total beginner, and it’s been a little frustrating. But I keep telling myself how awesome it will be once I know all the serger stitches… 🙂

    1. Thank you! and learning to use a serger will be awesome. Trust me, as somebody who doesn’t have a serger and either has to pink or stitch or bind her seams, I think the frustration at the beginning is well worth it for a lifetime of neat and tidy seam finishes. 😉

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