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Hanging in there


Just a quick note, readers, to let you know that I am, indeed, alive. Life has just been super-busy since the ball, and now, all of the sudden, I have so many sewing deadlines looming (like the Sew for Victory challenge, then the Mad Men challenge. Oh, and the application for Project Runway just came out and I’ve decided to apply for that, as well, cuz I’m a masochist. So, samples need to be made, and off course, in true PR style, they give you like no time to complete the 25-page application) in addition to catching what seems like the plague (the photo above is what I look like blogging right now, lol). Anyways, I hope to have some finished items to show you all this week. For now, I hope you all have had a nice weekend! Drink some tea for me!

14 thoughts on “Hanging in there

  1. Are You Serious!!!! I am beyond excited that you are applying for Project Runway. That would be tremendous!

  2. Your pacing sounds good…ball gown, breathe-4_5_6_7_8. Now, victory, madmen, runway-4_5_6_7_8…breathe-2_3_4, breathe-2_3_4! I love what Janey said…”You sew girl!”.

      1. Yes, for some reason…inspiration waits that long for a pondering decision. But at least a well thought out decision rarely requires equally much ripping out for refitting!

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