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Black and white border print rayon skirt


So, I’ve already missed two sewing deadlines: the PR application and the Sew for Victory Challenge (I tell you guys, I’m a hot mess when it comes to sewing lately!), so I figured, “What the hell, I’ll just sew a modern skirt!” So, that’s what I did.


The fabric is this great rayon border print that I picked up last month at the Sewing Expo from Vogue Fabrics Store, although unfortunatley, they don’t have it on the website.


The construction was super simple on this one – just a basic gathered rectangle with a zipper and waistband. I did put a lining in, since the fabric was a bit sheer.


Oh, and the shoes! I finally got a pair of red patent Mary Janes. Aren’t they cute!? A little high, but it’s always nice to be taller when you’re petite. 😉


And speaking of exciting things, did anyone else watch the Season 6 premiere of Mad Men last night!? I won’t give out spoilers to those of you that haven’t, but I will say that I was a bit hesitant for this season to start. The late 60s (and early 70s, for that matter) are not my favorite when it comes to 20th century fashion history, but Janie Bryant has done some amazing things with the show’s wardrobe, and definitely did so last night.

6 thoughts on “Black and white border print rayon skirt

  1. Oh, this is so pretty! I have the hardest time finding nice border prints. Vogue is my local fabric shop – they’re about a mile from my house – and they never seem to have any in store. Looks like they’ve been taking them on the road instead!

  2. Too cute!
    I need help/advice. I have this cute blue print fabric that wants to be a 50s dress, a 1950s sundress. I need a pattern recommendation for someone rather curvy. (I have 2 2yard sections to work with.)

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