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A vintage outing in Portland


I spent a lovely day in Portland dressed in 1940s vintage yesterday. The Ladies Tea Guild of Portland put on a great event at the Bomber Complex, which was originally a gas station that had a B-17 over it, but expanded into a restaurant, motel, and now museum. I carpooled with Captain Miller, the head of the Historic Aviation Guild, which is the WWII living history group I just joined.

Captain Miller and I in our shades
Captain Miller and I in our shades

First up was lunch at the Bomber. If you ever get a chance to go, I would definitely recommend it! It’s got a great vintage vibe, and a lot of the menu options are named after things in vintage aviation. One of the gals there brought some neat vintage magazines (including the obligatory Life) so much fun was had chatting over those.


After lunch, it was off to a fabulous vintage fashion show hosted by AlexSandra at the Elks Lodge. Unfortunately, I only got a few pictures on my phone (there was too much fabulousness, I tell you!), but I felt the whole time that I had just stepped onto the set of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day!

1940s fashion show

I was also fortunate enough to meet Kristen Behlings (who is the model in the above pic), who is an amazing vintage hairstylist and looks like she walked out of the 40s. Lucky me will be taking a class offered by her next month on how to do vintage hair, which I’m super excited about!

After the fashion show, we headed back to the Bomber for a private museum tour. They have some really neat stuff, including this WWII nurse’s uniform:


And, after the museum tour, it was off to my friend Kady’s apartment complex, which was built in 1941.


There are also gorgeous inner courtyards, so of course, photos were in order.


As for the dress, I got it off Etsy recently for a different vintage event, but ended up wearing it as the swing dance dress I’m working on was just too tight (which annoys me, since I made a muslin mock-up first). Anyways, it was handmade in the 40s (no label, pinked seams) and I paired it with this super cute hat.

Kady and I are in the midst of planning the June Ladies Tea Guild event, which is going to be Breakfast at Tiffany’s-themed with little black dresses. Super excited about that!

11 thoughts on “A vintage outing in Portland

  1. Love your outfit, especially the hat! It would be cool to go to this type of event some day, but alas they’re quite scarce in my part of the world :/
    The vintage hairstyling course thing sounds super-awesome as well, cograts 🙂

  2. That hat was parfait! It looks like a lot of fun. Do you watch Foyle’s War on PBS. It’s 40’s. Good stories too.

  3. Love the photos of you and Kady! It was a pleasure to see her fantastic Ava Hansen Millinery 40s reproduction hat again. So pleased to hear we will get to enjoy your company again at the Era Hairstyling Workshop on Friday May 10th or Monday May 13th.

    1. It was fabulous to see you, as well, and your commentary with Heather was hysterical! I had no idea that hat was a repro (it’s fabulous nonetheless), and can’t wait for the hairstyling workshop!

  4. Awesomeness! Um… have you ever thought about coming to schools in costume and talking about the era you’re embodying? Because I would love to have you as a guest speaker (trying to figure out the appropriate book(s) to pair up with your many historical interests/outfits…)

    1. You know, I have not thought about that (working full-time puts a kink into when I’m available during the day), but for you, I definitely would! Just let me know what era and when, and I’ll be there! If you could choose something 20th century, though, I would be grateful, as there are less layers. 😉

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