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Bowties, Bakelite, & the Vintage Photoshoot

No, I’m not really a hunchback . . .

The fabulousness of this weekend did not end with Saturday’s stint in the 1850s, readers. I spent a lovely day down in Portland on Sunday dressed in vintage (which is a lot less layers than 19th century stuff, let me tell ya!)


First up was the Bowties & Bakelite Brunch at Gracie’s. There were some very dapper gents and fabulous ladies (including Julie and Jesse of Fab Gabs, Janey of Atomic Redhead, and Solanah of Vixen Vintage) in attendance.


I went all 1950s for this one. I wore my Swirl Dress from AlexSandra’s Vintage Emporium, and also did my hair a bit differently with a scarf (Kristen Behlings’ workshop has definitely inspired me to try some new things!).


I really like this style and am thinking about doing a Youtube tutorial on it (and its been ages since I’ve done a video). Thoughts?

Afterwards, some of us headed out for a nice little drive to do a quick vintage photoshoot. I’ve included some of my favorite pics that I managed to have snapped with my iPhone down below, but if you’re interested, you can see the more professional ones (including my impromptu Charleston!) here.


New (to me) vintage shades
New (to me) vintage shades!


10 thoughts on “Bowties, Bakelite, & the Vintage Photoshoot

  1. It was so wonderful seeing you! I hope though to chat more at the next event (hopefully in June!!) since we didn’t get too much chatting in due to being at separate tables.


    1. It was so wonderful seeing you, as well, and I was a bit bummed about the two table thing, too. Unfortunately, they didn’t have space for all of our fabulousness! Anyways, definitely looking forward to the next event, too. 🙂

  2. Yes, please do a video tutorial for your hairstyle. Your dress is so sweet. Looks like you had a perfectly swell time!

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