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What I’ve been up to over the past month

Well, what I've been up to besides this . . .
Well, what I’ve been up to besides this . . .

So, I’m not dead.

Great way to start a blog post, huh? 😉

Anyways, I certainly never intended to take a month off from blogging. That’s just what happened with how crazy my personal life has been lately, and my laptop is on the fritz (seriously, I will never buy an HP ever again, and I don’t recommend the brand to anyone, unless you enjoy constant frustration coupled with drinking). Nevertheless, the past month has been quite eventful, and I’ve been documenting with the iPhone. For those interested, here is what I’ve been up to:


  • Finally bought a dresssform! I went antiquing with a friend a couple weeks back and there it was, standing outside. The best part was that I only paid $50, which I consider a steal, as most of the similar dressforms I was finding online were at least $175. Now my only problem (besides getting a cat so I can finally be a real seamstress) is coming up with a name for her. I’m thinking Lucy or Daphne, but I’m open to suggestions.
  • My best friend got married and I was a bridesmaid!!! This involved a new look for me:


  • I also just had my first shoot for AlexSandra’s Vintage Emporium, the vintage shop I’m modeling for. I got to wear some really fabulous shoes . . .


  . . .  got my hair did in an amazing 60s bouffant by Kristen Behlings,  . . .


and tried on AlexSandra’s neat glasses.


Anyways, summer is finally here! I have some really neat vintage events occuring over the next month, and I’m hoping to finally get some more sewing done with the wedding over. I promise you it will not be another month before I post again, ok? Ok.

10 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to over the past month

  1. Welcome back! That’s a great dressform! Mine is named Ethel Anastasia Beaverhausen. She thinks she’s all aristocratic, but I know better. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you two make together!

  2. Anna, firstly, I’m so glad you are not dead; there has been way too much of that going on in my life lately–seriously–and I don’t like it. Clairvoyant’s are way too expensive and I rather suspect some of them might be phony anyway, so I might not have bothered trying to catch up with your ghostly goings on! (Did you watch the recent episode of “Inspector Lewis” that was centered around one?) I was rather hoping that you might have been at “What’s Cooking at Fort Nisqually” but, apparently you have been rather busy with other things. Laura (Emma) finally finished her fort dress and looked splendid in it–no it is not red…
    Congratulations on finding a dress form; I suggest calling her Tim. (You know why, and if that is just too weird, what about Heidi?) With regards the cat: remember they scratch things, demand attention just when you are busy with something else, have to be fed–now–and have disgusting hairballs. I’m just saying…

    1. Oh, so sorry to hear that, Lawrence. Hope to see Laura’s new dress soon (I’m sure she looked smashing!) and thanks for the dressform name suggestions, but I’m thinking I might go in a different direction, lol. 😉

  3. Great job Anna!! Congratulations on the dress form!! Mine is an English antique – named: Esmerelda Luncinda!! She now has a duct tape over body for the squidgy bits!!

  4. I’m so glad you’re not dead! LOL! Make sure to link us up to your photos when the modeling session gets posted on AlexSandra’s shop! Can’t wait to see what you got to wear!

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