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Vintage Saturday: Church of Sinatra and Victory Rolls


Reading a yearbook from 1940, aka Vintage Sunday School.


Welcome to the weekend, readers! I had a pretty relaxing day of sewing, napping, and catching up on cleaning before heading over to Julie’s yesterday evening for February’s Church of Sinatra. With Valentine’s Day being this month, I decided to wear a 40s dress I just got that’s accessorized with a cute pink flower (and, yes, it came with the dress!).


I also finally managed to successfully do Victory Rolls! They’re such a ubiquitous hairstyle for vintage gals that I tended to avoid them (plus, my hair is layered, so it’s difficult to keep it together when I go to roll it). If you’re interested in trying these out on your own hair, but don’t know how to get started, there are a ton of great hair tutorials on YouTube (this one in particular was especially helpful for me).


Oh, and can we also take a moment to admire the fabulous 40s velvet pumps!? Definitely don’t wear these as often as I should!

Hope everyone else is having fabulous and relaxing weekends!

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