Vintage Saturday

(Semi) Vintage Saturday: Springtime English Tea


British Boyfrend (TM) and I had the distinct pleasure of attending a Springtime English Tea this afternoon, put on by the United Methodist Church here in Portland. The Tea is an annual fundraising event for the church, and we were invited to attend by Peter’s Grandma Margaret, one of the sweetest older ladies I’ve ever met!

Grandma Margaret!
Grandma Margaret!

The event organizers did a fabulous job, and there were several courses, from scones with cream to cucumber sandwiches, a plethora of desserts, and savory sausage rolls. While the tea was organized by the women’s group at the church, Peter was allowed to attend, although I do believe he was the only male guest in his 20s (all other male guests were either under 10 or over 80), and he being English definitely helped (one of the event organizers actually came up to us after the tea had ended and asked him how they did and how authentic it was!).







A fabulous hat was definitely in order for this event, especially with today also being Derby Day here in the US, an event notorious for its hats. The hat I wore is actually an 80s does 40s Saks 5th Avenue hat with feathers and veiling, courtesy of AlexSanra’s Vintage Emporium. While the crown is black, the brim is red, and so I wore this black and white skirt that has pops of red flowers, and accessorized with red Mary Janes.


Finally, I just have to share what came in the mail today – 1953 bobby pins to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth!


Being a complete Anglophile, I was ecstatic when I found these on a vintage selling group I frequent, and jumped at the opportunity to purchase them.

Anyone else snag any fun vintage finds lately?

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