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Resources for Edwardian (and early teens) costuming

In researching Edwardian and Titanic styles for the tea, I thought it would be helpful to share what costuming resources I’ve found, in the hopes that this will help those out there who are new to styles from this era (like me!) in putting together an outfit, either for a reenactment or a 100th Titanic anniversary celebration.

One caveat, however: This is by no means an exhaustive list*, so please feel free to comment down below with any resources you yourself may have found!

Underthings Patterns

Dresses and Outerwear

Free Patterns! (Because who doesn’t like free stuff?)

Overview of Edwardian/Teens costuming

Titanic movie costume resources (for those that want to make reproductions of the costumes in the film)


*For a more exhaustive list, see this fabulous blog post!