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Getting back on track

My mantra for the past month. I also have it in poster form in my room!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post! Life has been incredibly crazy and hectic as of late, between starting (what I hope to be) my last year of college, financial issues, interpersonal issues, getting ready to apply for grad school, moving into a new place, and not being able to get an adequate amount of sleep each night. Suffice it to say, sewing and crafting and blogging have unfortunately fallen by the wayside, but I hope to get back on track.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate in SSS ’11 as much as I had wanted to or hoped to. I’m still committed, though, to incorporating more of my me-made items into my everyday wardrobe, and with that in mind, I whipped up this gathered skirt last week:

Readers, I am in love. It’s 100% wool, super cozy and warm (especially paired with leggings!) and the best part is it was made from Pendleton wool remnants that I got for under $5. Oh, and I used rectangular construction, so it took me like 4 hours to make it.

I also recently finished the silk comission hood I have been working on. It’s 100% handsewn, and the client wanted wider ties than I had originally created, which is why it took me a bit longer to complete.

I’m hoping to attend 2 more reenactments before the year is over, in which case I’m also hoping to get my wool coat that I’ve been working for ages on done. In addition,  I have several modern wooly items in the works (including hopefully a cute cropped jacket!) now that the weather is starting to turn bitter and chilly. But for now, I’m off to put the finishing touches on my circle skirt! I thought I’d missed the circle skirt party, but fortunately (or, unfortunately) Casey had some technical difficulties, so the deadline has been extended to next week.

Hope you’re having a lovely autumn so far and enjoying one of the best hobbies for this season, sewing. 😉

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SSS ’11: Uh, can we start back again at Day 19?

Hey, remember how I was doing that thing called Self-Stitched September, where I challenged myself to wear one handmade garment everyday for the whole month of September? And remember how I documented the first 8 days and how you haven’t seen me for the past 11 days? Yeah, well, I can explain that . . .

Due to an incredibly hectic few weeks (as in, dealing with icky personal issues, issues with our cell phone plan, issues with paying for my final year of school, issues with paying (potentially) for grad school, being all-around busy, and starting to move up to my new place in Seattle), I’ve been unfortunately lax about documenting my SSS outfits, and in some shameful cases, I didn’t wear any handmade items for a few days. :-/

So, it is in this case that I grovel before you, fabulous blog readers, with a sincerest apology for my lack of blogging/documenting this process/skipping this process on certain days and simply request that we forget it all and start again at Day 19:

 Worn with a purple t-shirt (have I mentioned I’ve been wearing t-shirts a lot lately?), is my self-stitched item for Day 19, a basic cotton grey skirt that I made at least a year ago. Oh, and I have on no make-up and just threw my hair up in a ponytail and headband this morning (see how the little bits fly away?). Does this help with the groveling? 😉

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SSS ’11: Days 6, 7, & 8

Continuing along with my outfits for Self Stitched September!

Day 6:

Can you believe that this is the first day of SSS that I wore my “red, white, and black all over dress!?” I couldn’t! Anyways, wore this dress on Tuesday while volunteering at my old elementary school. It was so comfy and nice to wear on one of the unusually hot September days we’ve been having here in the Pac NW.

Day 7:

You’ve already seen this one, but I wore my “Chuck’s Peach ‘Pigeon'” Dress on this day while spending the day crafting.

Day 8:

Spent this day running errands with my dad and doing some other tasks around the house. Wore my basic black skirt complete with waist-cinching belt and white t-shirt. Oh, and red slippers! Wearing slippers is actually incredibly common in Polish households and it’s something that’s become a real habit for me. Anyways, I picked up these adorable red leather slippers while in Poland during study abroad 2 months ago, as the blue ones that I normally use are on there last legs. I also got a pair for winter that looks like oxford shoes with fuzzy fake fur inside! Oh, slippers, how I adore thee. 😉

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SSS ’11: Days 3, 4, & 5

Continuing along with the first week of Self-Stitched September:

Day 3:

Unfortunately, didn’t get a photo on this day! Was incredibly busy running errands and doing other things around the house. Shamelessly though, I repeated Day 3’s outfit on Day 5, so scroll down below to see what I wore on this day.

Day 4:

Day 4 was spent wearing a dress that I made last year from a blue floral print cotton and a heavily altered Butterick 4443, after seeing something similar that I really liked at Anthropologie last year. Are you starting to see a trend of me knocking-off Anthropologie garments that I like, because I am. 😉

Day 5:


Today for Day 5, I wore one of my favorite modern dresses made out of tan cotton lawn conbined with my pink coral cropped cardigan, and for my me-made item, I wore my modern petti-slip, since the self-fabric lining this dress comes with is not thick enough to hide *ahem* certain areas under the skirt, if you catch my drift.

Whew, that’s it for now. Doing this Self-Stitched challenge has definitely showed me that I don’t have enough separates in my wardrobe, so I’m fixing that now by whipping up some skirts.

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SSS ’11, Days 1 & 2

I so meant yesterday to be the start of my Self-Stitched September Challenge, but unfortunately, I’ve been experiencing some food poisoning this week, and was still feeling a little icky yesterday. I’m feeling much better day, with way more energy and 5 pounds lighter! Yep, the food poisoning was *that* bad, and while I definitely like that I’ve lost part of my vacation weight that I put on eating all sorts of yummy European food, I definitely don’t advocate food poisoning as a means of losing weight. 😉

With that in mind, today kicked off my first day of Self-Stitched September!

White and blue striped nautical t-shirt – H&M, Poland

Skirt – Made by me

Petti-slip – Made by me

Today was spent doing some errands (went thrifting and found some stuff for my new place, and stopped by Joanns to pick up some patterns – holy Hannah, are they busy!) and some chores around the house. I absolutely love this outfit! It’s so comfy, and one that has definitely gotten lots of wear this summer.

I can’t remember when I made the skirt (I think it was this past spring?), but it’s made out of about a yard of remnant black wool. The pattern is just a rectangle with box pleats that I added evenly around until I got to my waist measurement. I got the idea by seeing something similar on a skirt by some online retailer that I can’t remember now, and realizing that I could make my own for a fraction of the cost. So I did. This is actually how lots of my sewing projects come about, btw.

Also, I should mention my petticoat slip!

I’m wearing it under the skirt (no photos of it on me, though. Too scandalous!) and it’s based off of one that I saw at Anthrpologie at an astronomical price. The slip is 3 tiers of fabric (muslin and then 2 thicker eyelet fabrics) and has an elastic waistband. I wear this thing under almost of all of my modern clothes that don’t have built-in slips and it’s so amazingly comfy. And I think it happens to look really cute, too. 😉

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Sewing along with some fabulous bloggers

I thought I’d take a moment to share some of my upcoming modern sewing projects with you all.

First up is Casey’s Circle Skirt Sew Along! Elegant Musings has been such a source of inspiration for me since stumbling upon it about 2 years ago. I also would love to make a new circle skirt after having such luck with the first cirlce skirt I made, and am definitely looking forward to drafting one for my own measurements.

Finally, I’ll also be participating in Self Stitched September 2011.

Fabulous sewing blogger Zoe has come up with SSS ’11 as a way to push seamstresses to incorporate more of their handmade garments into their everyday lives. Sewing my own modern clothing is something that I’m so passionate about, particularily since our clothing choices today tend to be dictated by corporations that produce shoddy items sewn by poor sweatshop workers. I feel like this challenge is a push to the next level of avoiding modern-day consumer culture by trying to wear something that I’ve sewn myself everyday. While I’m not aiming to be dressed head-to-toe in annaintechnicolor creations, I do want to try to wear at least one me-made item everyday. So with that in mind, I, Anna of annaintechnicolor, sign up as a participant of Self Stitched September ’11. I endeavor to wear one me-made item each day for the duration of September 2011.