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Spring Cleaning Blog Sale!

So, with Spring in full swing (nice alliteration there, huh?) and the end of the school year exactly one week away, I’ve been cleaning up my sewing area in preparation to move back home. As usual, I have way too much stuff for a 20-something, some of which I really don’t use or need, so I’ve decided to have a little Spring Cleaning sale!

So, here’s how this works: Leave a comment about what item(s) you want. Once you’ve done that, I’ll e-mail you with your total and a shipping estimate (you do have to leave an e-mail address to comment on any posts, but don’t worry, these are never shared!). Unfortunately, at this time, I’m only able to take cash or checks. Sorry for any inconvenience that may cause!

Alright, onto the goodies!

Reenacting clothes:

Quilted hoods: $45 each, or $80 for both

Purple Wool Quilted Hood – 100% hand-sewn hood made out of purple wool, lined with green polished cotton and quilted with cotton batting (click here for a view of the inside).

Grey wool quilted hood with red silk turn back – 100% hand-sewn hood made out of grey wool, lined with green polished cotton, quilted in a square design with cotton batting, and red silk taffeta on turnback, ties, and curtain binding. Click here to view a shot of the exterior.

Whitewaist – Young ladies sheer bodice made of white cotton lawn with a half-high lining made out of pima cotton. Bodice closes in the front with hooks and eyes and is accented around the neckline and cuffs with white cotton lace with a woven-in black ribbon. Very fashionable when combined with a wool or silk skirt. 29″ waist and fits a 34″ bust. $52

Fabric – Wool:

Grey Wool– this wool has an unusual but lovely square design woven into it. 1.5 yards and 62″ wide. $7 for the piece (I also have a remnant of a little under a yard available, too, if you are interested) SOLD

Grey and blue plaid wool: this wool would make a variety of lovely things, from a neat circle skirt to plaid gentleman’s pants, to a basic shawl for mid-19th century reenacting. Piece measures ~ 2 yards X 60″ wide and is $7 for the piece. SOLD

Black wool jersey – I have up to 5 yards available of this fabric, which is around 54″ wide. It is 100% wool,  and has a slight stretch. It would be great for a modern dress. $5 per yard SOLD

Fabric – Cotton and Cotton Blends:

Blue and white floral lawn; 100% cotton, 54″ wide. Piece is 2.5 yards, $10 SOLD

Blue, green, and yellow tie-dye fabric with a woven-in diamond motif. 46″ wide and a little over 3 yards, $5

Cotton/poly white glitter fabric with embroidered motifs. 58″ wide, 1 3/4 yards, $7

Yellow home dec remnant. Not sure of the fiber content, but it’s probably a poly cotton blend. Piece is 29″ x 64″, $5.

Green and cream poly trim, 3/4″ wide. A little over 3 1/2 yards, $3

Patterns, $5 each, or $8 for both:

Simplicity 9764, Martha McCain “Fashion Historian” Hoop and Over-the-Hoop Petticoat pattern, Size 6, 8, 10, 12

Simplicity 7215, Martha McCain “Fashion Historian” Chemise and corset, Size 6, 8, 10, 12

Modern Clothes I’ve sewn:

Hello Kitty Pink Fleece Hats, fits a 22″ head, although there is some stretch. $8 each or $15 for both

Hello Kitty Fleece scarf, 8″ x 63.5″, $6

Vintage clothing:

Red plaid skirt – Vintage Pendleton skirt made out of plaid wool. Closes in the back with a zipper and button (seen here); Waist: 32″, Length: 27.5″. $16


A short blog break (as if I wasn’t taking one already)

It's also crazy life adjustment time . . .

I’m going to apologize for my lack of blog posts the past week and most likely this current week, as well. Life has been busy and hectic (I went to Canada this past weekend, have a reenactment coming up this next weekend, and 2 midterms on Friday) with new adjustments, as well (like recently becoming single again). While I’ve replaced consuming massive amounts of carbs and chocolate with trying to be productive and get things done, I’m still trying to adjust to all these recent changes and figure some things out which means that sewing and blogging has fallen to the wayside, although I do hope to start posting regularly again next week. 🙂

Hope everyone has a nice, stress-free week!

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Getting back on track

My mantra for the past month. I also have it in poster form in my room!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post! Life has been incredibly crazy and hectic as of late, between starting (what I hope to be) my last year of college, financial issues, interpersonal issues, getting ready to apply for grad school, moving into a new place, and not being able to get an adequate amount of sleep each night. Suffice it to say, sewing and crafting and blogging have unfortunately fallen by the wayside, but I hope to get back on track.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate in SSS ’11 as much as I had wanted to or hoped to. I’m still committed, though, to incorporating more of my me-made items into my everyday wardrobe, and with that in mind, I whipped up this gathered skirt last week:

Readers, I am in love. It’s 100% wool, super cozy and warm (especially paired with leggings!) and the best part is it was made from Pendleton wool remnants that I got for under $5. Oh, and I used rectangular construction, so it took me like 4 hours to make it.

I also recently finished the silk comission hood I have been working on. It’s 100% handsewn, and the client wanted wider ties than I had originally created, which is why it took me a bit longer to complete.

I’m hoping to attend 2 more reenactments before the year is over, in which case I’m also hoping to get my wool coat that I’ve been working for ages on done. In addition,  I have several modern wooly items in the works (including hopefully a cute cropped jacket!) now that the weather is starting to turn bitter and chilly. But for now, I’m off to put the finishing touches on my circle skirt! I thought I’d missed the circle skirt party, but fortunately (or, unfortunately) Casey had some technical difficulties, so the deadline has been extended to next week.

Hope you’re having a lovely autumn so far and enjoying one of the best hobbies for this season, sewing. 😉

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Sewing along with some fabulous bloggers

I thought I’d take a moment to share some of my upcoming modern sewing projects with you all.

First up is Casey’s Circle Skirt Sew Along! Elegant Musings has been such a source of inspiration for me since stumbling upon it about 2 years ago. I also would love to make a new circle skirt after having such luck with the first cirlce skirt I made, and am definitely looking forward to drafting one for my own measurements.

Finally, I’ll also be participating in Self Stitched September 2011.

Fabulous sewing blogger Zoe has come up with SSS ’11 as a way to push seamstresses to incorporate more of their handmade garments into their everyday lives. Sewing my own modern clothing is something that I’m so passionate about, particularily since our clothing choices today tend to be dictated by corporations that produce shoddy items sewn by poor sweatshop workers. I feel like this challenge is a push to the next level of avoiding modern-day consumer culture by trying to wear something that I’ve sewn myself everyday. While I’m not aiming to be dressed head-to-toe in annaintechnicolor creations, I do want to try to wear at least one me-made item everyday. So with that in mind, I, Anna of annaintechnicolor, sign up as a participant of Self Stitched September ’11. I endeavor to wear one me-made item each day for the duration of September 2011.

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I’m Back!

Hello, lovelies! I’m back from an amazing stint in Europe, which included:

A trip to London to look at graduate schools! However, we also stopped by some other cool places including the British Museum, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Madame Tussauds and the V&A. Tragic news at the V&A, however – they’re moving their costume collection to a separate facility and so that part of the museum is now permanently closed. Yes, the one thing I was most excited to see in London was closed. Such is my luck.

Despite this, London is such an amazing city and 2 days was unfortunately not enough time to see everything. Definitely looking forward to going back sometime soon, though!

I also spent 4 weeks in Krakow doing summer school, improving my language skills and taking an art history class which involved the most amazing field trips to cathedrals and museums and historic sites. I met a ton of really cool people from all over the world who made the experience really great.

Speaking of cool people who made the experience great, I also met this really cute Polish kid named Dominic who lives in NY and is studying Poli Sci. We met in art history class and bonded over a shared sense of humor and love of Poland. And believe you me, going from chronically single for a long time and believing that I would end up an old woman with 6 cats and a hoarded house (worse, in my opinion, than Bridget Jones’s fear of being eaten by dogs) has been an interesting experience. We’re keeping in touch via phone and Skype until I go to visit Parson’s in NY over winter break.

Ice cream definitely tastes better when you share it with a cute Polish boy!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here, but I want to go to grad school for fashion history, and the only places that really have programs for this are based in New York and London. And it’s so great that everything is sort of falling in to place and that I was considering going to this school way before I met this guy. I’ll stop gushing, but I just have to say that falling in love in one of the oldest cities in Europe during study abroad and in a class where we looked at such amazing art work was just fabulous. My friends back home have told me to write a novel about it, and we’ve already (jokingly) discussed who would play us in the event that they adapted said novel into a film. For the record, I’ve always said that I would want to be played by Ellen Page if they ever made a film about my life, and I think Dominic should totally be played by Leo Dicaprio. 😉

I also got a cooking lesson from my Polish auntie! She taught me to make golabki (cabbage rolls) authentically, as all of the recipes I’ve used thus far haven’t turned out too good. I made us matching aprons before I left, so that was a ton of fun. For those of you interested, I used this apron pattern.

Anyways, 6 weeks without sewing was definitely too long! I was starting to experience sewing machine withdrawal, and luckily that is being remedied now. I should start working on finishing up some underpinnings for this weekend’s reenactment, but I’m currently working on a summer dress (it’s black, white, and red, one of my favorite color combos!). Going to Europe this summer definitely made me realize that I have too few summer dresses, and I found this gorgeous painted linen/cotton fabric that will be perfect.

Oh, and new blog layout, as well! When WP came out with this during the summer, I knew I just had to have it! It’s incredibly classy and I definitely prefer how older posts are layed out than in the previous layout. Of course, I am always open to thoughts and suggestions about ways to improve the blog, so if you have any thoughts about the layout, please leave them in the comments! Until then, hope you’re enjoying your summer, and happy sewing!


On hiatus:: will return Aug. 2011

Hello, lovelies! Just a quick message to let you know that I’ll be taking a break from blogging from now until early August. I’m currently traveling through London taking in the sights before heading off to a 4-week summer study abroad program in Poland as part of my Eastern European Culture major. Hope you’re having a fabulous summer thus far and see you in a few weeks. 😉


Hello World!

My name is Anna and welcome to my blog!

I’m a 20-year old professional note-taker (read: college student)  double-majoring in both History and an Eastern European degree with a really long name. I’ve been reenacting the 1850s for 5 years and have recently became interested in vintage fashion.

I originally started costume blogging through Livejournal (which I highly recommend for those who sew as there is an awesome costume community there) but have recently jumped ship here to WordPress in order to have a neater way to display my costumes and stitchings.

My goal here is to show in-progess and finished pictures of my work, as well as provide tutorials on projects I’m working on, reviews of historic patterns I’ve used, and musings about the crazy hobby that is historic costuming.